"IZUBAA, The Spirit of Africa"

Step into the world of Izubaa – a fusion of heritage, style, and freedom. Izubaa, meaning "Sun”, radiates the Spirit of Africa. Our logo, featuring a lady dancing back into the sun, symbolizes the free-spirited authenticity that defines our brand. In the heart of Izubaa's identity lies the rich tapestry of Rwandan culture. Merging significant elements from Rwandan’s history, we create meticulously tailored pieces inspired by 90’s Haute Couture. With all our products being ethically sourced and crafted by local artisans, Izubaa aims to elevate the Made in Rwanda movement by pushing its culture using fashion and innovation. Izubaa goes beyond fashion and geographical borders; it's a cultural ambassador, weaving together the threads of tradition, and modernity. As you explore Izubaa, you become part of the journey – where every step is a dance, and every garment is a chapter in the tale of self-discovery.

Our Story

In the depths of IZUBAA lies a profound journey of self-discovery. After the loss of my father, I found myself longing for my roots. Estranged from my Rwandan heritage that had been dormant for 22 years, I surrendered to the yearning to reconnect with my homeland. My love for fashion emerged as a guiding light, finding solace in the creativity of my craft. In this Renaissance era, I felt a strong desire to use fashion as a platform to pay tribute to the past and the future. 

In September 2021, I poured my heart into the official launch of IZUBAA on social media, sharing its meaning—"Sun" in Kinyarwanda, Rwanda's national language—with the world. IZUBAA stands not just as a brand, but as a testament to Rwanda's rich culture and the resilience of its people. From the fierce Ndabaga collection, embodying Rwandan female empowerment, to the intricate craftsmanship of the Agaseke bags, each piece in the world of IZUBAA is a celebration of heritage, style, and liberation.

This journey isn't just about fashion; it's about reclaiming my identity with unwavering authenticity and resilience. I extend an invitation to join the IZUBAA Community, where together, we embrace culture, creativity, and the transformative power of fashion to unite us all.

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